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Steam cleaning delivers deep cleaning results on grease, dirt, stains, and even limescale, with no need for chemicals or scrubbing.

Steam cleaning is essential for maintaining good hygiene in food preparation areas, as it eliminates bacteria, allergens, and dangerous pathogens without using harsh chemicals. Steam cleaning thoroughly removes heavy grease and burnt food residues from surfaces and appliances like sinks, ovens, appliances, tiles, floors, and grills, leaving kitchens sanitized and safe. 

The high steam temperature, powerful nozzles, and hot cleaning cloths of Kärcher steam cleaners ensure their simple yet effective steam can eliminate up to 99.99% of enveloped viruses like covid or the common flu, as well as 99.99% of typical household bacteria.

 All achieved with steam!

Package Deals

We are happy to offer you a kitchen steam cleaning service tailored to your specific needs. Simply ask if you would like a full kitchen cleaning or just the essential appliances like the oven, fridge, and dishwasher cleaned. The choice is yours.

The Full Kitchen sink!

Your kitchen hygienically steam cleaned like new using just steam and elbow grease.


  • Oven, hob and hood (inside and out)

  • Appliances large and small (external surfaces)

  • Cupboards and drawers

  • Tiles & grout

  • Sink & taps

  • Counter and cabinet surfaces

  • Rubbish bin

  • Floor (steam mopped)

Starting from €200.00

The Essentials!

Still the same amount of steam and elbow grease for an impressive clean.


  • Oven, hob and hood (inside and out)

  • Appliances large and small (external surfaces)

  • Sink & taps

  • Tiles & grout

  • All counter and cabinet surfaces

Starting from €125.00

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Steam Clean Kitchen Sink Deep Steam Clean Fridge Deep Steam Clean cooker hob Deep Steam Clean kitchen appliances Deep Steam Clean tiles and grout Deep Steam Clean cooker, hob and hood

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