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Oven, Hob and Hood service

Oven, hob and hood deep steam clean

Your dirty oven, hood and hob sparkling like new within just a couple of hours using just steam & elbow grease!


Interior & exterior of the door including both sides of the glass, the interior of the oven e.g. wire racks, side walls, base, light unit, complete exterior of oven etc. 

Plus gas or electrical hob and hood extractor.

Starting from €95.00

Oven Cleaning

Ovens, Cookers & Ranges
Steam cleaning eliminates built-up grease and grime, burnt food residue, odors, bacteria, viruses, and more.

The Steam Clinic provides professional, high-quality deep cleaning for ovens, cookers, and ranges. Over time, baked-on food and grease can build up on oven surfaces, making DIY cleaning a tedious chore that requires special tools and cleaning products.

If cleaning your oven feels like a daunting task, let the professionals handle it. We can restore your oven's sparkle in just a couple of hours leaving no chemical odor behind. You'll be able to use your oven right away with no waiting required.

Book a steam cleaning service for your oven now, or request a quote for cleaning your other kitchen appliances like your fridge and dishwasher. We're happy to customize a service that meets your specific needs. The choice is yours.

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Oven, hob and hood deep steam clean Oven, hob and hood deep steam clean Oven, hob and hood deep steam clean

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